Sprachreise Malta 2024

Malta – a gem in the Mediterranean Sea 

HAK & HTL Freistadt’s 3rd form was in for a special language-learning treat, as they went on a trip to Malta back in March. Our 55 students and 3 teachers – Ms Wegrath, Ms Gahleitner, and Mr Wolfesberger – enjoyed a week full of memorable experiences, sunny weather and of course a lot of fun.

“Do they even speak English in Malta?” you may ask yourself. And yes, indeed, Malta was part of the British Empire until the 1970s. Our students knew that beforehand, as they had all held well-researched presentations about the island prior to our adventure.

Apart from attending class at “AM Language School”, where our students had 4 lessons a day, we’ve experienced a range of cultural and historical sites, marvels of nature and even wonders of engineering. However, before I start reporting from my teacher’s point of view, let’s let the students speak for themselves:

“Our personal highlight was visiting the Blue Grotto. Apart from the astonishing view and the crystal-clear water, we were able to get a glimpse of the amazing caves and overwhelming cliffs, which lit up in the sunlight. “ – Marco, Noah, Adrian

“Our favorite adventure was Valletta, the capital city of Malta. Our funny tour guide (Pauli) showed us the most beautiful spots of Valletta including the Upper Barrakka Gardens. We also watched the Malta Saluting Battery.” – Julian, Maxi, Valentin, Mert

“In Malta, there never was a boring day, we always had something to explore or experience. We saw all the great places together with our crazy tour guide Pauli. In our spare time we had time to explore the country by ourselves and could make some unforgettable memories.” – Niklas, Florian, Jonas

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