The outstanding beauty of the Emerald Isle

Julian Beer, 3BK (on behalf of 3B and 3HTL)

Ireland is well-known for its outgoing people, medieval castles, an incredible landscape and, most of all, for the world-famous Guinness. We, twelve 3BK and thirteen 3HTL students, were lucky enough to explore the beauty of Ireland and especially Dublin from 14 to 21 March 2017.

Although our stay was quite short, we got in touch with lots of very friendly and helpful people and Irish culture (many of us took part in a céilí – an Irish dance and music event on the eve of St Patrick’s Day). Well, all those friendly helpers actually made our lives much easier, particularly on the very first day in Dublin, because we would definitely have got lost without the support from our host mums and open-minded strangers.

My personal highlight was St Paddy´s Day. Not only did we see the huge parade itself, but also the amazing experience of happiness throughout the entire city was worthwhile and is unique on this planet, I think. In the streets of Dublin thousands of locals and visitors from around the world, all dressed in green, were having a great party. They all seemed to have forgotten about their daily problems to simply enjoy their lives.

Another highlight worth mentioning is Dalkey. It is basically a small fishing village and seaside resort with a rocky coastline. A breathtaking view of the sea and marvellous weather that Sunday made our trip absolutely unforgettable.

All in all, the week in Dublin was a great experience for us and I am sure everyone would not even hesitate for a second if there was a chance to go back to Ireland.

Lastly, we would really like to thank our Austrian teachers, Mrs Mikolasch and Mr Traxl, and our Irish teachers, Rachel and Joseph, because without them the whole trip would never have taken place that way.

Go raibh maith agat, Éire! – Thank you, Ireland!